the Linessa series

High performance office lighting with a modern design and low UGR, tailorable to various (custom made) dimensions.

About us

Illuxtron offers a wide range of LED lighting products, such as: (track) spots, downlights, surface mounted, modules and panels. All products are made in the Netherlands, in Europe. Our high quality products are backed by a 7-year warranty.

Illuxtron collection 2019
Mini downlights - Pointer 68 adj - Illuxtron

Downlights mini

Small downlights - Strada 75 - Illuxtron

Downlights small

Large downlights - Curion 185 - Illuxtron

Downlights large

Sensor equipped downlights - SensorStrada 75 - Illuxtron

Sensor equipped

Surface mounted - Vector 100 - Illuxtron

Surface mounted

Trackspots - Odion XS - Illuxtron



Unique combination of quality and design in LED based lighting solutions. Downlights, panels, profiles, build-in sensor, trackspots and lighting tracks.

Recessed for modular ceilings - Aviora FL - Illuxtron


Profiles - Aviora Line P - Illuxtron


Accessoires Illuxtron


Power supplies


Reference projects

Illuxtron focusses on developing LED based solutions for retail, hospitality, offices, schools and high residential projects.


Relaxation room office, Hungary


Showroom Mercedes, Denmark


Retail, Croatia


Office, Dubai

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Professional indoor LED based solutions for multiple purposes.

Eyeleds interior LED products

Build-in walk over LED light innovation.