7-year warranty

7 jaar garantie Illuxtron

We give a seven-year warranty on all our products *. But how can we realise that? We keep a close eye on lighting trends throughout the world and we aim to work with the very newest technologies and innovations. This lets us keep improving our products and keep on introducing new lighting solutions. We focus on user-friendliness and ease of installation, and even more importantly on quality.

Before we introduce products on the market, we test them thoroughly in our own lab, where our technical designers and developers have the final say on whether the products meets our strict quality requirements. For the design, we assume an ambient temperature of 45°C instead of the usual 25°C.

Quality is key when we are making the product components too; we only build components from top brands into our products. During the production process, our supervisors monitor the process by carrying out checks and performing detailed operational tests. After the full functional test, all products are given a second visual inspection as well. This lets us guarantee the quality that our partners expect from us.

That’s why we’ve been offering a seven-year warranty on all our products (since May 2015). If any of our products develops a defect within that timeframe, we’ll always arrange a replacement.
We ask you always to notify us of defective products and return them so that Customer Support can examine them together with our R&D team.

All defects are checked and analysed and we also record all the relevant information. Based on that, we implement improvements in our products and we are able to eliminate the causes of many faults.

*Within the European Union and the countries of the Free Trade Association for products delivered after 1 May 2015.