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    February 18, 2019
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Combining technology and design in products that bring light to life. That’s what Illuxtron International is all about. Over recent months, we have succeeded in improving existing products and developing new ones. We are therefore proud to introduce our new 2019 catalogue.

The collection consists of more than 10,000 product variants with delivery lead times of 5 to 10 days from our production location in the Netherlands. All the products are ‘Made in Holland’ and come with a 7-year guarantee.

Revolutionary technology

In addition to the HV-IC technology, we are introducing our revolutionary high-voltage flicker-free technology, which is gradually dimmable right down to 0.1%. We have also improved our low-voltage (LV) technology, which now has a CRI of 97; MLM technology has now also been included in our product range. Our adjustable solutions are delivered with a two-channel Dali 8 driver. Later this year (Q2) we will be adding a warm-dim 1800-3000K version to our collection. We are also adding CRI 97 LEDs to our LUXEON Stylist series, for use in large chip-on-board downlights and track spots. A Casambi variant has been added to the existing product range for virtually all our products.

New and improved products

We have categorized our downlights into three groups: mini, small and large. Small downlights (75/90 mm) have been given new optics and smaller beam angles to allow lighting accents. We have also added a new fixture to our small downlights, Strada 75 and 90. Aviora FL 595×595 is also available as a build-on variant. On page 36 of our catalogue, we explain why our LED panels are perfectly suited for a ‘human-centric lighting solution’. Our Pointer series comes as standard with wire springs; clips for concrete are also available.

If you have any questions or would like to order additional catalogues, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have an Illuxtron customer number, send an e-mail to If you don’t have an Illuxtron customer number, please use the form to leave us your details.