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Where can I find prices of products?

For this information you need to contact one of our Inside Sales Representatives. When you go to 'Contact' and then 'Sales Team' you will find their contact information. You can also call our general phone number: +31 (0)857736360 or you can send an e-mail to sales@illuxtron.com.

Where can I find datasheets and LDT-files?

On our productwebsite http://www.illuxtron.eu/ you will find datasheets and LDT-files at 'downloads'.

How do I know what the lead-time of my order will be?

The lead-time depends on the size of the order and whether or not we have a product in stock.

I would like to become a client. Who can I contact?

Go to 'contact' on this website. You will see a subheader named 'regions'. When clicking on 'regions' you will see a map in which you can choose your country, and the contact person for your region will appear automatically. Please contact him/her for more information about becoming a new client.

What is our mission and philosophy?

Every day we work on finding and producing inventive lighting solutions that offer as much comfort and ease as possible, without damaging the environment.

What distinguishes us from our competitors?

Illuxtron International distinguishes itself from its competitors in many ways. Because we are relatively small compared to large multinationals we are able to do business in a flexible way. All of our employees work closely together, so they can find solutions very quickly. Even adjusting or customising a current product at the client's request is not a problem for us. All our materials can be assembled in different ways, which makes it possible for us to offer a wide range of products without wasting materials. This is not only good for the environment, but it keeps our prices as low as possible.

This website states that Illuxtron International works with market leading suppliers. Who are those suppliers?

We work with several important suppliers such as: TCI, Cree, Seoul Semiconductors, Nichia, Lumileds, TE Electronics, Wieland and Bergh Hybrid Circuit.

75/90/185 HV Products:
There is also a wire spring version, why is that still necessary?

Some customers are not sure that our concrete spring can be fitted in soft mineral plate without using a wooden plate behind. If there is already a wooden plate on top of the soft mineral plate, then the wire spring (wire spring, ws) works more easily. This version is also not standard but can be supplied on request for a premium price.

75/90/185 HV Products:
What is the difference between the concrete springs and the gyproc spring?

Both springs fit in wood and plaster (gyproc). The gyproc spring can be fitted more quickly. The concrete (concrete spring, "CS"), on the other hand fits in a hole drilled in concrete as well as in a soft mineral plate. As the concrete spring has more fitting options, we always have these in stock. The version with the gyproc spring (gs) can be supplied on request and for a premium price.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Can these products be fitted in concrete?

Yes that is possible because these appliances are fitted with a special concrete spring. A hole can be drilled in concrete with a diamond drill in which the concrete spring can be fitted.

75/90/185 HV Products:
The LEDS remain burning very softly even when the switch has been turned off.

In some older installations, there can be a slight electricity leakage which causes the light not to turn off completely. Usually it helps to swap the blue (N) with the brown (L) wires.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Is it possible for the light color to become gradually warmer during dimming?

Only the 600Lm version in 3000K (halogen color) has this specific quality. During dimming, the colour “warms up” like a traditional light bulb (2700K). The in-built microcontroller ensures that the colors seamlessly blend so that the dimming effect is similar to a halogen lamp.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Can the HV products also be dimmed with a 1-10V or DALI?

75/90/185 HV Products:
How does a dimming cable work?

Because traditional dimmers were not developed for LED technology and their software is tuned to be suitable for filaments (resistors) of light bulbs, we have we developed a resistance wire which enables the traditional dimmer to work. It should be noted that the software of the various dimmer manufacturers varies greatly and therefore this solution does not always work. On the product data sheets, we include a list of dimmers we have positively tested with HV products in combination with a dimmer cable on the circuit. For each dimmer circuit, only 1 dimmer cable is necessary. It does not matter which spot this is fitted to.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Can HV products be dimmed?

A large number of traditional dimmers can work with this technology. For those dimmers which do not work properly, a special dimming cable can offer a solution in many cases. Most manufacturers are bringing special “LED dimmers” on the market which work well in most cases. On the product data sheets, and also in the catalogue we include a list of the dimmers we have tested and found to work well. In practice however, the dimmer manufacturers sometimes make changes to their products without informing us. Therefore it is advisable to test the dimmer first.

75/90/185 HV Products:
What happens if an “insulation blanket” is put over the spot light?

If this is on the side and/or on the top, the heat cannot escape and the temperatures will rise such that the guarantee is invalidated. The products have a warning symbol against this.

75/90/185 HV Products:
How does the life of HV products compare with traditional LED lamps?

The cooler the LEDs are, the longer they last. The heat is dissipated by the air and the larger the cooling area is, the better. The LEDs in the Illuxtron products are directly connected to the whole housing of the lighting appliance whereby the whole appliance functions as a cooling surface. Sometimes a LED lamp may appear not to warm up but the reason could be that the heat is actually accumulating in the light bulb as the plastic in the bulb is functioning as an insulator. There is a trend towards reducing the life of LED light bulbs to 10,000 hours which is insufficient for professional installations.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Is there a stroboscope effect with HV technology?

Because the leds go on and off 100 times per second just like earlier tv screens, you do see a flickering effect when a video camera is used in the same area. The newest HV products with lighting levels of 600 Lm and more have a microcontroller in their electronic circuits. The flickering effect is then reduced and they are therefore more suitable for living and working environment.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Why do we see so few HV products on the market?

To produce efficient LED electronics, advanced production methods are required and these are not available in the traditional low wage countries. High voltage LEDs are also still expensive compared to low voltage LEDs. Therefore they are mainly used for products in which duration and user ease are important.

75/90/185 HV Products:
Why is the efficiency of HV products disappointing?

Because HV technology is relatively new, the light output per Watt is currently less than the traditional low voltage LED lights with transformers. In the past few years however, HV technology has improved enormously, mainly due to the use of advanced microcontrollers in their electronic circuits. In the near future, it is expected that HV technology will reach a higher market share than the traditional low voltage lighting.

75/90/185 HV Products:
There is also a wire spring version, why is that still necessary?

Some customers are not sure that our concrete spring can be fitted in soft mineral plate without using a wooden plate behind. If there is already a wooden plate on top of the soft mineral plate, then the wire spring (wire spring, ws) works more easily. This version is also not standard but can be supplied on request for a premium price.

75/90/185 HV Products:
What is the most important advantage of the HV technology?

The high voltage products can be connected directly to 230V without a transformer (driver) because we placed a number of 3V LEDs in series at chip level. This results in a very simple installation. Drivers always have built-in condensers which can lead to a relatively high failure rate in the long term and that is exactly what was not envisaged when using sustainable LED lighting.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
How can I demonstrate the lamp to my clients the best?


50LV with built-in movement sensor:
What should I do if there is a switch in the wall?

The moving part of the switch can easily be replaced by a blind cover plate so that strangers will not turn the light off when leaving the room.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Can it also be used in shower units?

It has not yet been tested for this so we cannot guarantee this.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
In which places can they be best used?

Toilets, near the main door (not behind glass), small hallways, garages, cellars and all other places where people are only occasionally.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Do they all go on at the same moment if they detect movement?

No, due to the tolerances of the electronic components used, there is a slight time difference (<1 sec). In a larger area where more lamps with sensors have been fitted, this could possibly be annoying.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Can it detect movement behind glass?

No, the sensor cannot detect movement behind glass as it then cannot measure the temperature differences.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Does it react to household pets?

This could occur as the sensor is set to be sensitive.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Can the movement sensor also be used to detect the presence of people?

Yes, but it can depend on the area where the sensor is placed. For an office, tests have shown that it almost never happens that there is no movement detected during a period of 4 minutes. For a living room this could occur though.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
After what time the light turns off?

The standard time is 4 minutes. If it detects movement within these 4 minutes, then the 4 minutes cycle begins again. As the lamp can only be set in the factory, the time has been set relatively long to avoid situations in which lights would turn off too quickly in case of no movement is detected (e.g. toilets)

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Does the sensor work in every position?

No, not if it is turned upside down. It then detects its own air streams developed by the lamp itself. Turned sideways it does work but it is best to build it into the ceiling so that all tests can be carried out.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Normally a movement sensor of this type cannot be built in to such a small LedLamp?

That’s true, according to the manufacturer’s datasheets the sensitivity in a LED lamp is reduced by, for example, temperature fluctuations in the lamp itself, electronic circuits in the lamp, harmonic disturbances and voltage peaks in the main power supply, aircos in the neighbourhood, etc. Al these influences are mapped out and by way of complex software model, these influences are filtered out so that the sensor can function well under all these circumstances.

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
How does the movement sensor work?

It is an infra-red type which continually senses changes in temperature in small areas. As a human body is warmer than the environment, this can easily be measured. Even if the environmental temperature is the same as the body temperature, it detects air streams resulting from movement. In general, the faster the movement, the earlier the sensor detects this

50LV with built-in movement sensor:
Which type of movement sensor is built in?

Both the sensor and the lens are purchased from Murata, in our opinion the best producer in the world for these products. Above all, it is a special “quad” type which used to be used only in specific places where reliability and sensitivity are all important (e.g. banks)

50/75/90 LV Products:
70,000 hours seems an unusually long life, how is this possible?

In the lighting appliances there are no condensers; only smd electronic components suitable for very high temperatures. As the built-in microcontroller reduces the light output automatically in case of extreme conditions (too little ventilation and high environmental temperatures), it is not necessary to take account these conditions when estimating their product lifespan. The LEDs have been tested according to the heavy Energy Star norms and on that basis we are confident that our products will fulfill the estimated lifespan linked to the maximum temperatures reached in our appliances.

50/75/90 LV Products:
Can these products be connected to an emergency unit?

Technically it is possible but it is an expensive solution. For that reason we do not deliver this product. We only have the possibility to integrate a separate emergency light lamp into the 185 HV version. For the 75 HV fittings, it is more practical to install a separate emergency light. We do not have these in our programme. It is possible however to connect them to a central emergency unit, which are often used in larger projects.

50/75/90 LV Products:
Can these products be connected to a Dali system?

No, only with difficulty and if so this should be done by specialised companies.

50/75/90 LV Products:
Can the 24V power source also be far from the appliances?

Yes as long as the loss in voltage due to the length of the cables is less than 20V. As there goes less current through the cables than with low voltage halogen lamps, there is a much lower voltage drop in the cables. The current of our 75LV 1000Lm is 0.5 Amp (12W:24V). With a 50W halogen lamp the current is 4.16 Amp (50W:12V) which is more than 8 times as much.

50/75/90 LV Products:
Can I change the light color with a dimmer?

By turning the dimmer switch, the voltage will sink below 20V and the light will be off. If there is an on/off switch on the dimmer, then by turning the light on and off quickly, you can go through the various light colors. After the warm white color mode, there is another dimmer level (30% of warm white).

50/75/90 LV Products:
Can the appliances be connected to a 24V battery?

Yes, as long as the voltage remains between 20V and 28V, the current to the LEDs will be kept constant by the in-built driver.

50/75/90 LV Products:
Why do they need to be connected to a voltage source (24V) and not to a current source (mAmp)?

The appliance itself contains an electronic circuit (driver) which converts the available voltage of 24V into a constant current to the LEDs (mAmp).

50/75/90 LV Products:
What should I do if the colors of the various appliances are not all the same?

First turn the light off and then go through the colors selection process 4 times in succession. On the 4th time there will be a reset and all appliances will return to the same color (cool white). All appliances connected to the same switch will then have the same color again.

50/75/90 LV Products:
How can the various light colors be set?

After the power has been switched off, and than the power is switched on again, the microcontroller measures how long the power has been off and ‘decides’ what needs to happen. After a short interruption, it will change color but after a longer interruption it will remain the same colour as it was before. Some power sources have a start-up time of 1-3 seconds. In that case you should not switch the power on and off very quickly but wait until the light visibly goes on and off..

50/75/90 LV Products:
In which way do these products vary from other LV products in the market?

Illuxtron products are based on 24V so the installation is just as simple to install as halogen products. Certainly if there is one power source at a central place from where more spots are fed, this is a great advantage. On top of that, these LV- fittings can be set to produce different light colours. That is to say that they have a number of colour temperatures (4000K, 3000K, 2700K). The client can adjust the colour temperature by using a normal on/off switch.

185 LV+PS Products:
Are the build-in spots also deliverable with wire springs?

Yes on request these products can also be delivered with wire springs. The drilling size of this version sometimes differs from the standard springs. For the correct sizes see the newest version of our catalogue on the web site.

185 LV+PS Products:
Can these products also be fitted in soft mineral ceilings?

Yes that is possible even without using a wooden backing panel. However the range of holes and locations where this can work well is smaller than with wooden or plaster ceilings. For the correct drilling size see the newest version of our catalogue on the website. In general, the smallest hole will work best, with larger holes the build-in spot should be turned anti-clockwise to ensure extra good fitting. For larger drilled holes a separate correction ring can be installed on the top side

185 LV+PS Products:
Can I fit the appliances into a ceiling when there is very limited space around the appliance?

Yes as long as the space available is as large as shown on the datasheets. If an insulation layer is laid over the appliances then the LED-module will automatically switch off in order to ensure that the appliance does not break down due to overheating.

185 LV+PS Products:
Why do these products have a 5 year guarantee instead of 3 years?

In the LED modules, a microcontroller is integrated which ensures that the light colour remains the same during its life cycle. As Cree has been testing product lifespans for years, they know exactly how to balance the relationship between the white and red LEDs by adjusting the software. The guarantee which Cree gives us as supplier is therefore passed on to you as our client.

185 LV+PS Products:
The standard dimming range is 5-100%; can this be less than 5%?

Technically it is possible to dim up to 0.5%, but under the 5% the red LEDs become too visible. In consultation with a number of large clients, it has been decided to choose 5% as lower limit.

185 LV+PS Products:
Why is it possible to order power supplies sourced from 2 different manufacturers ?

Cree has developed its own power supply, specifically tuned to their own LED modules. The power supply of TCI is also used for countless other LED systems. TCI delivers to almost all major brands in Europe under its own private label and therefore has the most experience in making power supplies. All types are continually adjusted to the latest norms and trends in ease of installation for the contractor

185 LV+PS Products:
Is active cooling (ventilators) used?

No, due to the True White Technology even for 4000Lm this is not necessary. The standard cooling fins, in combination with the rest of the lighting appliances gives sufficient cooling for the LEDs.

185 LV+PS Products:
What is meant by “True White Technology”?

This is a system patented by Cree whereby white LEDs are mixed with red LEDs so that, in addition to a high level of lumen per Watt, a very good color reproduction (CRI) is also achieved. In this way, this technology is ideally suitable for areas where the perception of color is very important. In particular red colors are well reproduced (Ra9).

185 LV+PS Products:
Which type of leds are used?

Cree manufactures the whole LED modules, and they fit their own best LEDs in these appliances.

What is the influence of power quality to our luminaries?

According to the lighting norms all of our products are fulfilling the immunity test of 1000V (EN61547). In some cases there are higher voltage peaks than 1000V which can cause damage to the luminaire. In general you can say that the higher the peaks at the electricity net (for instance caused by inrush currents of other equipment), the more it will cost for the electrical contractor to prevent these peaks damaging the lighting equipment. At the internet you can find multiple research documents about power quality such as: http://eenvoudigenergiebesparen.nl/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Whitepaper-power-quality_2.pdf

Do the specifications of the products remain in force long term?

We try to maintain the specifications as much as possible. but because the LEDs are becoming more efficient, the wattages are being reduced over time but the light quality remains the same (Lumen). As the LED market is a relatively young market, it is constantly changing and therefore you are advised to download the latest data sheet on the web site. On each data sheet, a date is printed so you can easily find out if you have the latest version.

Is it possible to build our products into the ceiling if there is little space for cooling?

If the products are installed with the minimum distances given in the drawings on the data sheets, then the guarantee remains in effect. However the expected lifespan is based on a free installation with an air stream around the lighting appliances. If the appliance is fitted with the minimum specified space, then the expected life is 20-30% lower.

Can our products be used above a swimming pool?

No, the springs are not resistant to chlorine.

Can our products be used outside?

As long as no rain water can reach the upper side of the appliances, there is only a danger of corrosion to the materials. The metal coating is usually made of aluminum injection molding material and is covered with a high quality epoxy powder lacquer. Under normal circumstances there might appear a light haze on the appliances at worst and this will not endanger the correct working of het appliance.

Can our fittings and be connected to a central emergency unit?

Yes, all our products work on DC. For large projects use is often made of a central emergency unit with DC output instead of AC

What does IP44/IP20 mean?

The front sides of these products are protected against splashing water from the shower unit. The backs of these appliances are not protected against splashing water but as they are built in within a closed ceiling, that should not be a problem.

Is there a guarantee procedure and if so, how does it work?

In case of faulty goods, you can download and fill in the form “request for return goods” - go to ''contact” on our website and click the button ''return form & conditions''. You will be contacted to see if you require new products. When the goods have been received and found to be faulty, a credit note will be sent.

What is the delivery time for the products?

Standard products are kept semi-fabricated in stock and can be shipped and delivered to the customer within a number of days. In the work place we have a large stock of parts so that large orders and special product variations can be assembled in a relatively short time. For specific delivery dates, please get in touch with our sales department.

What means L80 B50 70.000 hrs?

L80 means that after 70.000Hrs there is still 80% lumen output available compared to the original value at installation. This B value is a failure value which has been used for conventional lamps but is now used to describe how many luminaires are still reaching the expected lifetime (L70 70.000hrs). So B50 means that up to 50% of the fixtures come after 70,000 burn time under 80% light output.

How does the guarantee work?

Should the client be dissatisfied with the way the product works within the guarantee period, then the technical after sales department of Illuxtron will help the client find a satisfactory solution.

Where are the products manufactured?

At the moment production takes place in a modern factory in The Netherlands. The parts are sourced from all over the world, but more than 40% of the cost price is sourced from Europe so that we can deliver our LED products with a Certificate of Europe Origin, resulting in interesting import tax advantages for certain clients.

How is research and development organised?

In partnership with state of the art companies in the lighting industry, the most interesting new technologies are applied to develop high quality European product designs as quickly as possible. We invest in our own electronics and molds so that new technologies can be optimally used in the designs.

What are the advantages of switching to LED?

There are several advantages of switching from traditional lighting to LED. Firstly, Illuxtron LED luminaires last for about 70,000 hours, which is far more than the 2,000 hours of a traditional light bulb. Because of its long lifetime, the luminaires need less maintenance and replacement is rarely needed. Secondly, LED is very energy-efficient and will save you a lot of money on the long term. Besides, it is a better lighting solution for our environment. And finally, using LED is safer because it creates less heat than traditional lighting.

Is an LED going to produce enough light to replace my current light bulb?

LEDs are available in many different Lumen outputs, so it is safe to say that in every case an LED can produce the same light output as a traditional light bulb.

Why do some LED’s flicker (when dimmed or turned off)?

LED luminaires are more sensitive to bad quality of the electric power that is supplied to the luminaire. If the electric power is 'clean' there is no flickering. In most cases, the electric power is not clean or there is a device like a dimmer that pollutes the power that is supplied to the luminaire. You can find a report that describes the causes and remedies of flicker on this website at 'white papers'.

What is colour temperature?

The colour temperature of an LED luminaire is indicated by 'K', which means: 'Kelvin'. A Kelvin level indicates the warmth of your luminaire. 2700K is a warm colour temperature, almost orange. The higher your colour temperature, the cooler white your light will be. Illuxtron HV luminaires are available is several colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Illuxtron LV luminaires can be step-tuned, which means you can choose at what Kelvin level your luminaire needs to be installed (2700K, 3000K or 4000K). Our MLMC panels can even installed up to 6500K.

What is CRI?

The abbreviation CRI stands for 'Colour Rendering Index'. It is the ability of a light source to reveal colours as if they were shown in natural light. A high CRI rate means your light source is capable of showing colours realistically.