• Elst, Netherlands

  • Goes, The Netherlands

  • Almere, Netherlands

  • Vlissingen, Netherlands

  • Budapest, Hungary

  • Elst, Netherlands

    Jewelz & More

  • Antwerpen, België

  • Ede, The Netherlands

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • Gorinchem, The Netherlands

  • Denmark

  • Hamme, Belgium

  • Hungary

  • Zagreb, Croatia

    Odion XS delivered in luxury clothing store Heraldi For women in Zagreb

  • Sluis, The Netherlands

    Bomont Sluis, For this store in high quality designer clothes and luxury lifestyle items we have supplied the Linea AS Trackspot.

  • Middelburg, The Netherlands

    This product is perfect for retail purposes. This track spot highlights products and their colours beautifully, because of it's high quality light output and high CRI level.

  • Girlan, Italy

    For the facade this client was looking for something extra. In the end this resulted in a customized version of the Fabio: it was made surface mounted.

  • Dubai, UAE

    Linea 75 MLM DALI is a perfect small sized fitting that is DALI dimmable and has up to 1750Lm output. The organic shape / soft design of the Linea 75 MLM fits perfectly in every ceiling type.

  • Goes, The Netherlands

    This luminaire has an outstanding CRI rate of 96, providing the perfect highlights for products in this organic supermarket.

  • Osijek, Croatia

    Eurodom stands for quality and only A-class materials were used during construction. Needless to say, this included high quality lighting products.

  • Goes, The Netherlands

    The Linea trackspot is very suited for a restaurant like Katoen. This product is perfect to highlight specific features and places in the restaurant, which creates a very cosy and comfortable ambience.

  • Olomouc, Czech Republic

    Galeria Santovka is a large shopping mal with a high ceiling. Because of the high ceiling, we recommended using a luminaire with a high Lumen Output combined with cool white light, namely 3000Lm with 4000K.

  • Teplice, Czech Republic

    Galerie Teplice is a large shopping mall which used our Linea LV+PS. Because of several large hole sizes, our correction ring was added to the luminaires for a neat finish.

  • Dénia, Spain

    For this project our Curion 185 has been used.