May we introduce? Niek

  • Date
    July 24, 2020
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At Illuxtron we prefer open communication and a personal approach. Therefore, we would like to start introducing our team to you.

The first team member we would like to introduce is Niek! He has been part of R&D since last year and his main focus is supporting customers. Thinking along with customers to solve problems and detecting trends in defects to improve our existing products, is what motivates him the most.

Niek played a huge part during the renovation process of our new building. He explained that he is really satisfied with the end result, as the flexibility and extra room will allow the R&D team and other departments to further develop.

Some fun facts: Niek used to be part of the Dutch selection for youth open water swimming. He is still enthusiastic about various watersports today – no wonder, after all, the successful Dutch swimmer Maarten van der Weijden is his brother-in-law! The well-known swimmer recently organized various events to raise money for charity, where Niek has helped out as an volunteer.

We are very proud to have Niek in our team!