Bomont Goes

Goes, The Netherlands


  • Location
  • Client
    Maas & Hagoort
  • Design
    Linea AS
  • Realisation

Bomont is specialised in fashion and living for more than quarter of a century, carrying a range of cutting-edge brands. They recently renovated their outlet in the lively town centre of Goes in the Netherlands. Together with our partner Maas & Hagoort we provided the lighting for the updated store.

Linea AS: cut out for the job

In an on-trend shop like Bomont with a wide range of fashion and interior items from leading brands, attractive and flexible lighting is essential for product presentation. Our Linea AS trackspot is cut out for a job like this. The energy-efficient luminaire with an A+ energy label comes in a choice of three different beam angles: 18°, 37° and 60°. The glare value is low, between 14.3 and 20.8 UGR. The CRI lies between 82 and 96, delivering exceptionally faithful colour rendering. Add to that the fact that the Linea AS can be expanded with the LUXEON Stylist Series, improving the colour experience for example with fashion items, and the picture is complete.

As well as its ideal lighting characteristics the design of the Linea AS is also perfect for the modern retail outlet. The matte black model, delivers a sleek and modernistic lighting plan when combined with the black lighting tracks.