New building project Coers & Roest

Arnhem, Netherlands


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Together with our partner Lightsupply, we have provided the lighting for the new premises of Coers & Roest | graphical productions BV. The rooms in the building are lit by the 3000K variant of our Aviora panel.


The Aviora 3000K was chosen because it is a contemporary model that combines the experience and the functionality well. The majority of the fixtures were also suspended under the structural ceiling, which gives an attractive appearance. The Aviora’s design is flexible and modular, with a low dazzle value. This makes it ideal for the lighting in office environments.


Coers & Roest are leaving Nieuwe Kade after fifty years

ARNHEM (NL) – The printers Coers & Roest are relocating in March next year for the third time since they were founded in 1853. The destination is the corner of Mercatorweg and Snelliusweg in Arnhem. They are moving out of the current premises on Nieuwe Kade after fifty years.
“They’re dated,” says Jacqueline Willemsen, the commercial director of Coers & Roest. “The graphical sector is changing a lot. We need more space for technology and we want to set up the logistics differently.” That will be possible in the new premises, for which the construction has already started. The new accommodation for the printers – a design by D&M Architecten of Rozendaal, with an industrial appearance – will be about 2,000 square metres in size.

Consultancy work

Coers & Roest, which currently employs about 27 people, would like to be able to grow step by step at the Rijnpark business park to about thirty staff, according to Willemsen. The printers-cum-design studio (founded on Nieuwe Oeverstraat) wants to expand its activities to include consultancy work. The company’s old premises are not only dated, but also in an area where a business park is having to give way to residential construction (Nieuwe Kadekwartier). As part of that, the Volkshuisvesting Arnhem housing corporation bought the building back in 2013 for 1.25 million euros.

Marco Bouman 07-Sep-17, 07:27 Source: De Gelderlander