Gebouw M, University of Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium


  • Location
  • Client
    Imtech Belgium
  • Design
    Fluxe 35
  • Realisation

Illuxtron has handled the lighting for the communal areas of Gebouw M, part of the University of Antwerp. Together with Gebouw O, it is the heart of the Drie Eiken campus. It offers rooms for self-study, classrooms for practicals and PC classes for all the lessons given by the faculties of Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences.

Fluxe 35 illuminates communal spaces

Illuxtron’s black Fluxe 35 mini-downlight was chosen for lighting these areas. Together with Fluxe 50, Fabio 35, Linea 68 and Omega 35, this low-voltage fixture is part of the series of mini-downlights. It also has a built-in mirror that was developed for Illuxtron by the Bartenbach, one of the leading institutions in the field. It has an exceptionally low UGR value of 14.4 (Unified Glare Rating). This figure shows how much the fixtures and their spatial effects create light nuisance at eye height from the user’s viewing direction. The lower the value is, the less glare the user experiences.