Heraldi for women

Zagreb, Croatia


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    Odion XS
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Delivery of the Odion XS in the luxurious clothing store Heraldi For Women in Zagreb

In March we have delivered our newest trackspot, the Odion XS, to a luxurious clothing store Heraldi For Women in cooperation with one of our partners in Zagreb.

By a clever use of the lines in the ceiling of the store, this luminair seems to be made especially for this room. Thanks to this trackspot, the clothing and accessories are perfectly highlighted and displayed. The Odion XS is a luminair that has many possibilities. Due to the built-in driver (PSU), the spot can directly be clicked into the light rail and is therefore a very flexible product. The trackspot can be delivered in three standard colors: white, black and gray, and in addition, the inner ring can be changed. As a standard the Odion XS is delivered with a black inner ring. Other colors that can be chosen are white, blue, gold and silver.

The version of our Odion XS as installed at Heraldi For Women, has been executed in white with the standard black inner ring, 2500Lm and 3000K.

Last but not least, we are capable of updating the Odion XS with our leds from the Luxeon Stylist Serie. This chip is capable of showing colors very realistically. You can find more information about this topic in a previous news item.

Do you want more information about this versatile luminair? Please contact your Area Sales Manager, or call our Inside Sales department.