Jewelz & more

Elst, Netherlands


  • Location
    Elst, Netherlands
  • Client
    Snoeck B.V.
  • Design
    Odion XS
  • Realisation

Together with Snoeck in Utrecht, Illuxtron has provided both track spots and downlights for Jewelz & more in Elst (Netherlands). Jewelz & more is a shop that sells jewellery, accessories, watches, clothing and so forth. The appearance of the fittings and the correct lighting they produce add to the luxury shopping experience.


Odion XS

The Odion track spot was designed by the leading Belgian designer Serge Cornelissen. The design stands out for its slender thermal shape that allows the airflow past both the inside and the outside of the casing to remove the heat from the LEDs. With an average of 10 hours’ use per day, the light output will only degrade after 10 years by 10% of its original value.

The power supply of Odion track spots is fully integrated, disappearing entirely in the lighting rail. This help produce lighting plans with clean lines. The power supply also complies with the toughest flicker standards, with a ripple of less than 3 per cent, ensuring for example that security images are not disrupted, which is not entirely unimportant for a retail location such as Jewelz & more.