Peugeot garage

Almere, Netherlands


  • Location
  • Client
    Nijs Lichtprojecten
  • Realisation

Peugeot garage Broekhuis in Almere was recently renovated and together with our partner Nijs Lichtprojecten, we provided the lighting for the showroom, offices and sanitary areas. Linea DS-F 150 was used in the showroom and the offices, the sanitary areas are lit using the high-voltage Linea 75.

Linea DS-F 150 and Linea 75

Linea series in our downlights product category stands out for its rounded finish. Linea DS-F 150 is a large, low-voltage spot with a built-in reflector. The mirror in the luminaire improves the perception of the subject being lit. This makes it ideal for large spaces and – in this case – a showroom that’s meant to showcase cars at their best.